Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Friiiiiiday (and I'm exhausted)

This whole splitting my time between two jobs is just beating the shit out of me. Ugh. I wish I was just teaching.
I really have to do a better job of teaching My Antonia than I did Song of Solomon. I gave the kids a test on SOS yesterday -- it is never nice seeing how many questions they got wrong on the MC and T/F section. Ugh. That, or I have to make sure (through small daily quizzes) that they are keeping up with the reading.
Slowly knitting away at the Annie Modesitt skirt. I just want to finish this one section so I can at least start working a new pattern of stitches! Getting BORED with the same thing for the first six inches of the skirt. ALTHOUGH, I did manage to intuit how to correct my stitches on a previous round. I saw that I'd accidentally purled instead of knitted in a couple spots. At first it was only one purl in the previous round. I was like "YAY ME!" when I figured out how to unravel only that stitch down, knit it back up and continue. And then, last night, I noticed I had purled in one spot, for three rows down. Uh oh. I knew I could do one row down...could I unravel down to three rows without accidentally fucking up everything? I was hunched over, scowling at it, but managed to do it. Hurrah!
Tonight is a mini reunions of sorts. One of my sorority sisters called earlier in the week saying she was coming to Chicago for a conference, and asked if I wanted to meet up. Then, I kid you not, less than half an hour later ANOTHER sister that I haven't heard from in FOREVER (she's a bit of a scatterbrain, too) calls me saying she will be in town for her aunt's wedding. The first one is coming from Des Moines, the second from San Diego. I was beginning to think everyone was invading my territory. These are probably the ONLY two sorority sisters I would even consider spending time with, and two of only three people total I bother with when it comes to my undergraduate alma mater. (The other obviously being Ms C or "chickcook". )
I'm really tired though, so I'm feeling a little whiney about going out tonight. I'm going to keep it an early night. (I will have SHITLOADS of grading to do this weekend.) My friend Anne is going to come with - we'll drive down to A's place right after school this afternoon. She knows a new good tapas place in her neighborhood.
Can you believe it's May already? I can't. I still feel like I'm stuck in March. We've hardly had any decent weather this spring. Today it's warm, but we might have severe storms, and then it's supposed to drop back down into the freaking 50s.