Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mega Caffeine Needed

*bleary eyed*
Ugh. My sleep schedule got all screwed up over the extended weekend. My eyes felt gritty - like I had sand in the corners of my eyes this morning. I wish I had stayed and "worked from home".
Actually, I am going to speak to my new manager about the possibility of doing this two days a week (T/Th) starting next week. Gas prices are just too ridiculous. If I can work from home two days a week, and bike another two, boyo would that be awesome. I'd get more done at home anyways. Here I'm always distracted - often by people having stupid loud annoying conversations. There's one girl that sits in the other aisle who has her Springer-esque marital arguments over the phone. Last week I was seconds away from yelling "DIVORCE HIM ALREADY AND HAVE DONE!"
I'm going to have to grab a LARGE coffee on my way to school. I'll never make it otherwise.