Saturday, March 08, 2008

WOW...where is Social Darwinism when you need it?

For shits and giggles, I went over to Free Republic (idiot Republic blog) to see what they were saying about having lost the IL-14 District (first time since the Watergate era that a Dem has won it!).


I can't believe people this stupid actually know how to breathe.

OMG! The sky is falling! OMG! Obama and Hillary are evil gays/America haters/the soldiers will have died in vaaaain/babies are being aborted/the country is lost/we're going to be socialists/the economy/the country won't exist after the Dems are through!


What sexual orientation people are is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. What people do in the privacy (oh, right, we don't have that anymore thanks to the CHIMP Bush!) of their home is their own business.

Religion and politics do NOT mix - i.e., DON'T FORCE YOUR SO CALLED "Christianity" on people who do not want it. THERE IS FREEDOM OF RELIGION, be it Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, no religion at all, etc.

The only "America haters" are the GOoPers who have destroyed every freedom we have and have made the rest of the world hate us and ruined the good name America had, all for the sake of power-grubbing.

Soldiers have already died in vain, if you ask me. Bush started an ILLEGAL war based on FALSE PRETENSES in Iraq, where we had no business being. Afghanistan was justified, but not Iraq. And for you "Christian Conservatives", care to recall a Commandment about "not bearing false witness against your neighbor"? Or does it just not suit you now? For that matter, Bush and his minions have NOT accomplished ANY THING. We still do not have Bin Laden and we turned Iraq into a prime breeding ground for extremists AFTER WE INVADED.

I don't see you helping care for the babies that aren't wanted or have no hope. Where are the social programs to help counsel people? Sex education? Oh that's right: you want them for cannon fodder for McCain's next 100 years in Iraq.  What a woman does with her own body is her own damn business and is between her and her god. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT.

The country HAS BEEN LOST: with BUSH.

Whatever, I sincerely doubt we'll be "socialist". You asses. When was the last time we had a positive economy and a surplus? OH right, with Bill. Who spent all that money? BUSH. So many great leaders have been Democrats: Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton. Hell even Carter has done good shit in his civilian days, as has former Veep Gore. These same Dems had to pull the country out of the fire after a Rethug did their damnedest to fuck it up: Nixon? Reagan (Iran-Contra anyone? Sandinistas?) Bush the First and now Bush the Idiot.

You just don't see it, do you? You want it your way or the highway.

Whereas us Dems would rather see something more equal for all and make this country great, even if it means we have to listen to your idiotic bitching and moaning. Because that's what democracy is.

I wish your "rapture" would come and you'd all die and leave the earth to the rest of us people who would try and save it.

Read some zen: if there is no afterlife, then we have to live now. We have to make this life good. Everything is holy. You people expecting a reward in the hereafter give no thought to making life now as good as possible.