Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doing the Rounds at Wiki

Today, I decided to look up "Orkney Islands" on Wikipedia.
Now I wanna go! I've been wanting to go to the tippy-top of Great Britain for a while. Generally speaking, however, that is not something I could just cram in on the infrequent trips I have taken. Not when I'm trying to hit every place I possibly can down south around London.
But wow...Orkney and Shetlands would be SO neat to go see for an extended visit. During the summer. Obviously. I wouldn't want to be carting around in the 18 hour dark of a far Northern winter!
Oh: and a recent comic, Vertigo's "Northlanders", takes place in the Orkney Islands. VERY COOL. As well as the character, Sven, being fuck-all hot.


Anthony said...

Feeling better than the other day? It looks like you got over being bored, bored and bored.

Before you blow Chicago for the UK, maybe point your camera out the window and share the view?