Friday, March 21, 2008


I went to yoga again yesterday - twice in a week is really better than once! Although, my god, I cannot believe how much weaker my left ankle is. Trying to stand in tree pose on that side was laughable.
I think the flexibility is improving with the regular practice. I'd gotten stiff during the course of student teaching and completely abandoning yoga. I can sit in lotus position for longer periods now; the next part will be to hike my feet up closer towards the junction with my hips. Maybe I was just more mentally there yesterday. I was holding high lunge well for a change, and able to bend back further during it. What Wendy was saying finally clicked: really engage the leg that's back. Keep it straight and press the pinky-toe side down.
I was also getting a halfway decent start into doing the forearm balance. It was up against the wall - not comfortable doing it away from a prop yet!
Also spent a chunk of time cleaning up my room as I promised to myself yesterday. It feels so much better in there. My desk was just cluttered as hell; once that was cleaned up, it really helped. I put a bunch of student-teaching items into a box. Once I move out, I'll need to get a decent file cabinet and sort stuff away into that from my teaching. Organized my magazines into those shelf containers. (I should really read my Journals of Adolescent and Adult Literacy...oy.) I also have two sacks of clothing/bedding/stuff to take to Goodwill or SA. I might do that today...or not. It's fucking snowing now.
Stupid storm hit later. I thought it was supposed to have hit, or at least started, overnight. I woke up to see nothing on the ground and was all excited thinking the forecasters had completely screwed up. Nope. It's hitting NOW. Joy. I have my big freaking cowl-neck wooly sweater on today - THE FIRST FULL DAY OF SPRING.
Tonight or tomorrow, I think I will make lemon curd. I have all the stuff for it. Oh, Tyler Florence, your evil lemon curd is so delicious. Like sunshine in my mouth. Seriously. If sunshine had a taste, it would be this lemon curd. You can't help but be cheery eating that shit. The recipe for Lemon Curd Trifle with Fresh Berries is available at the Food Network site (,,FOOD_9936_22159,00.html ). In the recipe, the curd gets whipped cream folded into it. If you can't find a decent poundcake to put in the trifle, you could probably do a hack job with lady fingers or savioardi biscuits. The s-biscuits would probably disintegrate really quickly, though, so you'd want to eat that thing tout de suite. Lemon curd is great to put on scones.
Harumph. On to "work", I suppose. I may leave early if it gets as ugly out as they say.