Sunday, March 30, 2008

Queen of Last Minute

My syllabus was annoying the shit out of me. I have eight weeks. I cannot possibly stretch out ONE novel, plus some poems and short stories across EIGHT WEEKS. I looked at an old syllabus I managed to find in what the teacher gave me and hell...those kids were reading 20-30 pages a night.
SCREW MY ORIGINAL SYLLABUS. Eight weeks is four weeks too long to drag out a novel. I radically condensed my syllabus for Song of Solomon. I'll be done, I hope, by April 28th. This means I now have to pick out another novel. I have no idea what else, besides Gatsby, they've read this year. I'll have to find that out tomorrow.
I'm already thinking of throwing in Bless Me, Ultima as my other novel (plus, I'm very familiar with it). I highly doubt they've read that, and it would be good to throw in a Latino novel to complement the AA novel we'll just have completed.
The kids are gonna haaaate me...ha ha ha ha ha.