Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I donated again to Barack - $15. I think that makes $60 so far. I have NEVER donated that much before. I think I might have donated like $20 to Kerry in 2004.

Ya'll know that if you donate to Obama by 31 March, you're automatically entered to be win a drawing for a dinner-for-five with Barack? Two spots are reserved for people who had donated prior to this drawing. So, if you're a new donor, there are three chances (out of a gagillion, I know). Go and DONATE FOOLS! http://www.barackobama.com

Seriously? If I somehow get picked for that, I'd totally freaking SQUEAL. I would probably make an embarassment of myself. But oh my god, so COOL. Just the idea of it makes me squeal. I'm going to be horribly jealous of who does go.

SOOOOO sick of Hillary and her trying to keep the whole damn Wright thing in the public eye. It's OVER, woman. Did you not hear Obama's brilliant fucking speech on it? Jesus. Focus on your own damn issues: gee, how about "sniper fire in Bosnia" or being in the house while Billy was with Monica? Yeah, don't like that so much do you? Then stick to the fucking issues! Whatever, you should just QUIT already.

Other news: Manpower is totally random about when they pay people. Jaysus, it's annoying. I just happened to check my bank account and was like "hey! money!" They paid me...two days prior to what I was expecting. Not that I "mind", but I just don't want the reverse to happen...getting paid two days LATE.