Thursday, November 09, 2006

WOD: Subpoena

Subpoena is a sexy word, isn't it? I can just imagine it strutting in to a room, untz-untz music thumping, wearing a garter belt and black fishnet pantyhose (the kind with the black line up the back), and then proceeding to whip the shit out of evil GOoPers. Of course, half of them are probably secretly into the whole S&M thing and they might actually like having to be dominated by Mistress Subpoena.


Election leaves Bush to bob on blue wave - Politics - "More troubling for the White House is that with control of the House, Democrats will now be in control of the committees with oversight of its operations, a function they accused Republican chairmen of abdicating. Those committees will be led by some of the most senior Democrats hailing from the party’s liberal wing, and they will have subpoena power."

Today's word "Subpoena"! Brought to you by the letters "S" and "M" and partially funded by Latex.