Thursday, November 16, 2006

Money money money (I don't got any)

I have just paid off my Target credit card. The evilness is no more! I couldn't schedule it online though - it kept giving me an error because it hadn't fully processed the one payment I made the other day. I had to call up account services and schedule it over the phone.
The good news is that, since I got it scheduled today, I don't have to pay a finance charge. Woot.
Of course this means I am broke for the week, but...NO MORE FINANCE CHARGE!
Now I just need to tackle the BoA loan. The finance charges on that piece of shit are ridiculous. I just got my new statement online today and it slapped back on a ridiculous amount of money in financing. I hate not getting to spend it on something fun, but this makes me more determined than ever to use my profit-sharing check from work against this in a couple weeks. That will knock out a little more than half the outstanding balance and kill a good bit of that financing.