Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to go home, yet?

I did not want to get out of bed this morning.
I don't quite feel like I'm walking on this planet.
Work yesterday was busy. Still conducting trainings on the new (and infamously sputtering) program. My throat is tired and voice is raspy from talking so much. I left about 4pm and stopped off at the yarn shop in G-lake. I got the wrong kind of knitting needles for these mittens I want to make. That place is just evil. If I had any extra time, I would consider trying to get a part time job there, just so I could be surrounded by the yarn. THE YARN, THE YARN, THE GLORIOUS YARN!!!
Exchange done, I headed off to my massage appointment. First massage I've ever gotten, professionally speaking. It was nice. Very reasonably priced - I wasn't going to go somewhere and pay "Mario Tricoci" prices! She focused on my upper body, especially shoulders and neck since that is where I hold most of my tension. I was lying there on the table - with my face in that little oval resting spot so you can still breathe - and was trying to answer a question she had asked me. Really the only thing that wanted to come out of my mouth was "Uuuuhhhbbbbbllllllgggg..." I could barely talk. I think that massage is why I slept so hard and had trouble getting up this morning.
Went to Panera and grabbed a soup + 1/2 sandwich for dinner afterwards. Went to the mall for no good reason. NOTHING in the stores, which is probably a good thing. No one shopping either. It's going to be a miserable shopping season for the retailers. I did stop in to the new, revamped Godiva store. I think it looks way too cold and ugly now - all gray stone and cold glass. The old warm woods store was much more "chocolate friendly" if you ask me. I was just going to purchase a single dark chocolate caramel. The girl gave it to me free as a sample. How nice!
That mall has some idiot management though. They've crammed so many goddamn jewelers into that place it's ridiculous. You REALLY have that huge a market for jewelry where you can support about a dozen stores? REALLY? In this economy? I can totally see more of them moving out and that mall quite possibly tanking as a result. I would rather shop at Old Orchard or Woodfield, higher tax rate be damned. There's more selection of the things I actually need to buy - like clothes!
Went to Bally's after the mall and hit the elliptical for a while. Came home and crashed.
Tonight is yoga class.
Tomorrow evening I'm going to the D's after work to get the house key and 411 for when I pet & house/sit for them while they're away for Thanksgiving (five days). I hope to make about $250. I never really set a "fee" when I started doing this for them. I don't know what "the rate" is for this. I was just like "whatever is good" and they've been pretty good to me, so no complaints. $250 over 5 days is $50/day. I'm sure some babysitters get that much for a NIGHT's worth of work. Anyway, if I can get about that I think I will get myself the 32GB iPod touch. I got that spot award from work a couple weeks ago and purchased an Amazon gift certificate with it. That + the sitting money should put me nearly there. I would only have to pay $30-40 more (I'll also need a case for the thing).