Thursday, November 27, 2008

So. Damn. Tired.

I'm going to need a couple days off AFTER I finish this pet-sitting gig. *groans*
I have barely gotten any sleep. I can't sleep very well when the dog is in his bed near mine, grunting and whuffing and getting up to turn and what not EVERY FIVE FUCKING MINUTES. And then he wants to go outside at like FOUR AM.
So I get up, I let him out. And let him back in. And hobble back to bed.
Only to get back up around 5:30 because they're all - dog and cats - bitching to be fed.
I finally managed to catch some sleep between five thirty and nine. Weird dreams. I dreamt I was in Hawaii and there were massive tornadoes off in the water. Yes, I know water and tornadoes aren't typically it, but they were many and massive. And scary.
I woke myself up making terrified noises.