Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I feel so tired today. *yawn*
I am looking forward to having five days off in a row, that's for sure!
I plan to: veg, knit, do yoga, veg some more...maaaaybe do some shopping. I don't know. Tonight I go to the D's house to watch the pets/house until Sunday. They left this morning. I bought Forrest two chewy bones. That dog DESTROYS those bones in no time flat. It's pretty disturbing. I was over there last night to make sure I could access their wifi. Forrest was all "OMG! OMG! *pant pant pant* OMG! OMG!" Big lug.
This whole two-color tubular cast on I need to make for the Brioche Hat is pissing me right the hell off. It's fucking ridiculous and there are NO You Tubes of it that I can find. I really need to see it being done.
Nothing much going on at work right now, which is fine. I spent all day yesterday talking (three training sessions), and my throat is tired.