Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Still too much

I wish I had five brains and the accompanying sets of eyes to read everything that is coming across today both in news and on my flist.

There is just TOO much to read about yesterday's reclaiming of what our nation actually stands for: HOPE.

Sadly, narrow-minded people (locked in a cave, unable to see the light) like that ellie_kay will never see how beautiful it is that people of diverse backgrounds come together to create something better.

I am happy. Not screamingly so, more in a hushed quiet way of contentment. I am happy that the rest of the world is genuinely happy with our decision. I cannot believe the images from around the world of people celebrating what just happened for us. Foreign nationals - CRYING in happiness for an official that is not even their own. Cautious for the future, but happy that we took such a great step. Look: that is the power America has. ONE nation, among so many, with the capability to either lift other countries/people up like we have in the past ("give us your huddled masses yearning to be free" and WWII as examples) or be an intolerant and domineering imperial power (basically, the entire Bush Presidency).

As the Spidey comics say: with great power comes great responsibility. We do not live in a bubble. What this country does affects the world. To treat other nations disdainfully lessens us. We have damaged friendships around the globe. I hope, I hope that is repaired. We have a lot to make up for.

I'm also really freaking exhausted. But what a great day. What a great start.


Except Obama was pictured this morning in a car wearing his White Sox hat. *sigh* Oh well. I suppose every one has to have a vice...!