Wednesday, November 05, 2008

First kids

It seems that it's mostly been First Daughter(s) in the White House.
Bush has his (idiot) daughters.
Clintons had Chelsea
Bush the First had grown children, so they weren't IN the House.
Same with Reagan
Carter didn't have kids in the House did he?
Well, now we can add Malia and Sasha to the First Kids roster. At least they'll have each other. God knows it isn't going to be easy growing up in THAT limelight. I was reading some Newsweek article and I guess their Secret Service nicknames were (assuming it will change now) "Radiance" and "Rosebud". LOL
Spike O'Dell on WGN this morning was mentioning how they were both cute as bugs (don't get that analogy, I would think "cute as buttons", but oh well). They are. Dude, that Malia (that's the older one right?) is going to be a looker when she's older. (Sasha has the cutest little cherubic face.) Spike was saying Obama is going to have pressure soon: Malia isn't that far from dating age and he's going to go through what most fathers think "YOU ARE NOT DATING!"
It was a fun lighthearted moment on the radio.
And the kids now get a puppy! I guess the oldest wants a golden doodle. Of course PETA is up in arms about this. Myself, I would *prefer* a pound dog to be rescued but I hear there are some allergy issues and golden doodles are relatively easy on that end. I'll give it a pass because of the allergy issue. (A cat would *definitely* be out with dander.)


Anonymous said...

Carter had a daughter with him in the White House. Amy Carter turned 13 just a few weeks after her father's inauguration.