Thursday, October 16, 2008

You betcha!

Europe mocks "half-baked Alaskan" Palin.

Dear Europe and rest of world:

REALLY, REALLY sorry our country has been run by absolute crooks and shithole liars. Sorry our country has been run by the fucked up idealogues who think Jeebus loves them guns! SORRY, SORRY, SORRY.

Hopefully we're on the way to making amends for that with President Obama.

God, my country is an absolute fucking EMBARASSMENT because of George Bush and these goddamn neocons. They should all be strung up from the nearest gibbet.

In other news: I did in fact cancel my Facebook account. I am trying to let go of the anger I feel towards that one individual, but it's a slow process. I still want to backhand the bitch across the room. What a cunt. Seriously. And I don't use that word a lot.

Yeah, I called Sarah Palin "evil". YES, SHE IS EVIL. If you believe in the whole Judeo-Christian concept of god and the devil and all that crap, then YES Sarah Palin and McCain and a whole lot of that infrastructure is EVIL. They do the devil's work. How can you NOT consider this woman evil when she whips "people" (using THAT term loosely) up into a frenzy of hatred and bigotry and where some start yelling to murder the opposing candidate?! Please, if it were one of us on the Democratic side doing it, you'd all be yelling bloody fucking murder. Just because that bitch squirted five kids (and what mental fuckups THEY probably are) out of her vagina does NOT make her a good person (as that idiot on my former Facebook seemed to imply). Any chick can spread her legs and have a baby. Her being a mother has NOTHING to do with anything. AND THEN, fucking McCain, instead of repudiating such actions, fucking comes on the debate last night and says he's "proud of all the people who attend his rallies". NO HONOR. You fucking wingnuts. Any one want to take a stab and the ways in which I am sure the wingnuts have broken every commandment, all while claiming to uphold truth, justice and the "American" way.

I take comfort in the fact McCain's karmic reward will come as he will probably die of melanoma within the next four years.

I look forward to an overwhelming victory, a filibuster-proof majority, and this country finally fucking having a smart, thinking person in charge and HOPEFULLY recovering a bit of the respect other nations used to have for us.