Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear John: No one (Sane) loves you

Recent headline on Yahoo!:

McCain: Obama fundraising hurts public financing

Dear John:

You really are that stupid, aren't you? What a pathetic, LOSER thing to say. Gee, if this were YOU I highly doubt you'd complain. No, you're complaining because you're a LOSER AND LOSING.

This relationship is OVER.


The American Public that Thinks (i.e., Liberals)

P.S. The whole "Obama's plans are Socialism" schtick. *snort* Judging from his insane poll numbers and the way people feel about his policies, I think that means if it is socialism, then people don't give a rat's ass. Call me weird, but I think the fucking tax dollars you bastards rip from my paycheck SHOULD GO TO ME AND/OR SOCIAL PROGRAMS TO HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE. NOT SOME FUCKING CORPORATIONS.

P.P.S. Yes, saw C.P. endorsed Obama. Feel a little torn over this. I mean...yay? But as someone pointed out in Daily Kos, "respected" or not, Powell knew all the lies - from the INSIDE - the Bush regime perpetrated to initiate the illegal war in Iraq. And what did he do? He went to the U.N. and repeated those lies. He is also responsible for this war. He can apologize for this all he likes, but that doesn't change what he did or what happened. He should turn witness on these assholes and help get them prosecuted for war crimes. For that matter, Pelosi should have gotten off her ass and impeached Bush when she first had the chance in 2006.

P.P.P.S. ANOTHER wingnut attacks an Obama supporter: this time in Caledonia, WI. Local newspaper article here. This brought to you by the hate rhetoric spouted by the EVIL McCain-Palin. Remember, McCain is proud of all his supporters. PROUD. I betcha Palin would say those were "real American", you betcha!


Nicholas said...

I dont think most Americans would know socialism is they saw it. The Republicans seem to think that socialism means compassion, community spirit, helping people, doing things without asking for money in return. It's just a bogeyman they like to scare each other with. In fact I posted on that exact subject this afternoon.

Actually, I have lived in a socialist country. It's not that bad, really!

As for Powell, I think his endorsement will get votes for Obama. Then as a reward, Obama can make him ambassador to Latvia or somewhere.

*DB* said...

Well, many were too stupid to know facisism when it got here in the form of Bush Co!

And really - with the Republicans and banks crying "HELP! HELP! BUY US OUT!" who's REALLY the "socialist"?