Sunday, February 17, 2008


Is anyone else sick of this freaking fucking weather? Raise your hand!

I lost a couple more lbs. Down to 185ish.  So, almost ten pounds from Feb 1st when I went back on the wagon. Mile time on the treadmill continues to go down, which is good. Who knows? Maybe I can get back to sub-eight minutes by mid-March?

Man, I don't want to do ANYTHING today. I just feel like vegging. I should really clean, though. Maybe I'll take a Lushy bath, finishing reading The Great Gatsby, and then be all productive.


Lippy said...

God that is SO unfair - it's youth ! It's taken me since 11 Jan to lose 5lbs and that's being really really good, and doing shit loads of exercise! - gym twice a week, yoga class and riding twice a week!

*DB* said...

I exercise a HELL of a lot lately, so I think that has helped. I'm at the gym at least three days a week (more like four), doing elliptical for 30 followed by treadmill for 20. When I'm not at the gym, I'm doing yoga.

The other thing is, I think my first week of loss had a lot to do with the fact I had a lot of water retention right before my cycle.

I wish I could go riding - I'm jealous of your doing that!

Lippy said...

Dressage is the BEST according to the calorie counter - and I'm doing about 3 hours a week so. And you're right your doing more eliptical than me - I'm the other way around, eliptical trainer for 20 minutes (which half kills me) and then treadmill for 30 - and probably because it's the other side of the road, I get there three days a week. Add to which I walk the dog every day for at least half an hour and swim the days I don't go to the gym!! - and yoga one class a week and practice every night! - like I said no FAIR!