Sunday, December 16, 2007

You'd better lay your money dooooown...

I went to the store and actually bought a Vogue magazine.
Normally - NO. Never. I mean, how the fuck does a magazine full of stick-thin glassy-eyed heroin-sheik twits appeal to me? Answer: it doesn't.
That said: it had Penelope Cruz on the cover. I DIG Penelope Cruz. Dude, if I were a lesbian, she'd totally be it. PC is the shiznit. I love the Almovodar movies she's in. She hasn't gotten anything but shit in American cinema (Captain Corelli's Mandolin? Puh-lease.)
AND...well, they totally went Espana in the photoshoots of her. They had MATADORS. *drools* Okay, fucking HOT matadors - like real ones - with tight asses in those ridiculously tight matador pants. (Wait a minute, is this where we got "gaucho pants" from, too...?) Holy crap. Rowr. I held one page up and just stared at this guy's butt for a minute. It was that good.
Hysterical, too. One of the quotes they pulled out on the page is this:
"Spanish bullfighter heartthrob Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, who has a cameo in Manolete, says his sole role in the forthcoming film was 'to flirt with Penelope. And, well, that doesn't require much acting.'"
MMmmMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmmm Ordonez


Nicholas said...

Bull fighter heartthrob? You mean people actually lust for sick perverts who torture and butcher corralled animals in public?