Saturday, December 08, 2007


Made a whole bunch of cookie dough today. It's in the freezer, ready to be pulled out and baked when the need arises. I'm going to bring cookies to school for my classes on Friday.
Oh, and Golden Compass? HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, you stupid little religious nutjobs. It always cracks me up; you give such great free publicity to the things you want people to ignore by creating a ruckus and making loud protestations.
It's a fucking book, and now it's a fucking movie. If you don't like it, THEN DON'T FUCKING READ IT OR WATCH IT. Oh, but that's too easy, you want everyone else to lockstep with you. FACE IT, not everyone drinks your purple kool-aid!
And now...need to go off and find a goddamn ginger cookie recipe. I can't remember where I put the ones I had found.


Nicholas said...

I had never heard of this movie until the God-huggers started whining about it. Now I am definitely going to see it!