Tuesday, December 11, 2007

School's out!

It's an ICE DAY (not a snow day). I was able to fitfully sleep a little more today. I kinda feel hungover right now, although there was seriously no alcohol involved. I just sleep crappy.

Have a stack of fucking shit to grade. Must start now.

Fucking A. This means I have to cram SO MUCH shit into one less day at school. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

OH, and my tattoo appointment got canceled as well, damnit, because of the ice. Sandy called me this morning to let me know the shop is closed today. Fuck again. I just hope we can get an appointment scheduled before the end of the year. It is hugely important to me that I get this tattoo done before the end of 2007.

You see, 2007 is my "Strength" year. Numerology thing. Take your birth month, day and current year - add those numbers up. That tattoo is based off the tarot card for "Strength".

Next year's, get this: the Hermit. Think less about being alone and focus on the Hermit's purpose: he lights the lamp of knowledge and leads others to it.

Don't ever say there wasn't a purpose or some guiding force in life (even if sometimes said force acts like a fucking diva).