Monday, December 17, 2007

Lost Causes

Boy, I can tell what is going to bust my chops as a teacher. When kids (AND their parents) make a big fuss about setting up a time to meet with you to get extra help because they - wah wah wah have ADHD - and then don't fucking show up.
This may be completely un-PC of me, but I think a lot of this ADD and ADHD is made up - just people looking for an excuse for Susie or Timmy to get special treatment when they're just fuck-all LAZY.
So, this kid was supposed to come in this morning for help reviewing for the final. I had confirmed with him TWICE last week. Does he show up? No. I ask him where he was during class, he's like "Oh, no, it was this afternoon, not the morning." Ok, whatever.
So I wait this afternoon for twenty minutes. He doesn't show. Idiot. You flunk my final and I am NOT going to feel sorry for you. In fact, I sort of hope you fail it. Punk.
I know of at least two kids who are going to bomb the final for sure, though. In the morning class, it's the kid who has been excessively absent (and his parents yank him out for vacation, too - smart move) and hasn't handed in jack shit. In the afternoon honors class, there's one kid who's just fucked around and been generally obnoxious in class, asking off-topic questions all the time. His mom is a headcase, too. She thinks her darling boy shouldn't have to take the final until he can get his test scores up.
Same kid is not doing well in Honors Biology either. It sounds like both science and English teachers would be relieved to put the kibosh on him continuing with honors next year. Honestly, the kid just doesn't have the requisite study skills or attitude.