Friday, January 30, 2009


I wrote a little to the IL GOP, which required me to briefly visit their website in order to get their email. I was pissed at McKenna's "IL Dems should apologize to IL" bullshit from yesterday. He also called Quinn a "political opportunist".
Listen, fucker, people in glass houses should not throw stones. I don't recall you fuckers apologizing for George Ryan! The fact is, BOTH PARTIES have a problem with corruption.
Quinn was also the Lt. Gov. The Lt. Gov's job is to step in if the Gov can't serve (or is a pompous lobcock who got his ass ousted).
Please, not even a day - not even a FEW HOURS - and the GOoPers think they can start swinging their dicks around, splattering everyone with piss.
I wish that asshole sibling of mine would hurry up and cash the damn check he made me write him. I don't want to think like I have more money in my account than I actually do. If he still hasn't cashed it in 30 days...I'm fucking putting a stop payment order on it. THAT would lead to all sorts of fun, I'm sure.
Speaking of money...damn, where did it all go this week? Srsly. I didn't spend on gratuitous shit, either. I keep reminding myself: APARTMENT. I have <i>just</i> enough for a one month deposit now. Now working on first month's rent. Assuming I get any tax refund, that will also be dumped into the pot.
I need to grocery shop. Probably Saturday. There goes the rest of the funds. I hope I get some significant work to do over the weekend from the PT week could be a shock what with starting to pay more bullshit.
Suggestion Box - thanks for the apartment-get list suggestions. VERY good ideas.