Friday, July 18, 2008

Yay for you, but why bother?

Ha ha - I bet the Pope is "not amused". Good for the women, except of course, that this means they will be *cue brimstone and fire* EXCOMMUNICATED. Oh noes!
Fuck the patriarchy. Seriously. It's so easy to not give a shit about the people you are supposed to be "serving" when you can say "don't like my rules? oops! you're damned!" and excommunicate people.
I'm all for equality. I think the idea that a woman isn't "good enough" to be a priest or deliver sacraments is laughable. Let's not forget it was a woman who squirted out your so-called son-of-yahweh, right? But, nope, let's just continue on your idiotic path wherein you continue to have (dwindling!) numbers of single males be the priests. Priests whom you have shuffled around when they got a little too close with the altar boys and girls.
I hate Catholicism for its heirarchy bullshit. The divine is not a concept that is owned or meted out by any one select group. The divine, if you even choose to believe in it in the first place, is something freely available to all people.
Just go out and try to do something NICE in the world, ok, people? Don't live for the "next" life. Live for now. Try to make this world a better place.