Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Telemarketers Suck

This is why I never answer the home phone anymore (I wish I could convince my mother to get rid of it - we both have cell phones).
There was a message from someone wanting to contact me about an "injury [I'd] received at a ballgame recently".
An injury? WTF? I have NOT been injured. I must certainly would remember something like that. I would have probably had to fill out some kind of report, ya think?
I was positive it was some kind of scam. I called the number, fairly certain I would get a message as it's "after hours". This is the number: 800 309 6500. It was "Travel Division". Yep, a stupid timeshare. I also googled it and got this information.  [ ]
What a bunch of fucking liars. They stoop to making up some cockeyed story about my being INJURED? WTF?! Look at the idiot "Jen" on that weblink, too, that works for them and tries to defend the company.
Here's a clue Jen: GET A REAL FUCKING JOB.