Friday, July 11, 2008


I feel like crap today. I'm still coughing. I woke up last night about 11 with a coughing jag. *groans* What is this shit? Last year I had two incidences where I caught some nasty cough where I would literally cough the second I tried to lay down. It was hell. I really don't need that again.
Yesterday's performance by the pitching staff was pathetic. Actually, is there a word MORE tragic than what I used?
It was horrible, awful, no-good, very-bad, tear-out-your-hair, stab-yourself-in-the-eyes BAD.
Lilly lost his shit, although admittedly that might have been as a result of knocking a foul ball into the crowd which beaned a kid. Oops. But he had a homer lofted off him before that incident.
Wuertz came in and did his usual - which means more lofted ones.
The new kid Guadin came in and had one lofted.
Cotts came in and had (the usual) one lofted.

Who else am I missing? There was another pitcher in there. OH yes, Lieber. Lieber also had one lofted.
Dear pitching staff from yesterday:
If you ever show up again, I will kill you. Fucking pathetic.
The craptastic dustrags, the Reds, fucking beat us yesterday after a solid Pwning the previous two days.
Did I just hear that Harden's start got moved up to today? If so, Marquis must be pissed.
Oh well.