Thursday, July 10, 2008


I like Mary Janes. As in candy. The little yellow wrapper ones.
I am bored. I came back from lunch with the work gang. I have a disc of photos to upload. I have gameday to watch soon (if it doesn't rain).
Just call me "Vice President in Charge of Looking Out the Window".
I think I may also write inane (and bad!) haiku describing the hotness that is Mark DeRosa.
My thoughts are so scattered, I had something else to jot down, but now I can't remember. NOW I remember. I also bought a bag of the Dove Dark Chocolate squares. You know, the dumbass kind with the stupid messages in them?
Here's what was in the one I opened: when two hearts race, both win.
WHAT THE FUCK EVER. That is the most maudlin piece of shit I've ever read.
When two hearts race, both might be having a coronary event.
When two hearts race, it's probably because I'm running away from yet another fucktard.
When two hearts race, it could be from loathing and disgust.