Monday, April 07, 2008

Ugh, Monday Again

I had food this morning. Yay. About the most solid thing I ate yesterday was some chicken broth with carrots and noodles in it. I just did not feel like eating. I was seriously NOT in a good place, gastro-intestinally speaking, yesterday. Dehydrated as heck.
This morning, I had oatmeal, a banana and milk from the cafeteria. I don't usually nom on bananas, but I figured the potassium and the mighty banana-power would be good at getting my insides normal again.
So far, so good.
Still freaking exhausted. I swear I closed my eyes last night, opened them a second later and it was already 5:30am. UGH.
Looking forward to getting out of work here in a bit, and heading on down to the school. I may go to NEIU on Tuesday to sit in on a seminar with my old supervisor and my friend Anne. They like to bring back graduated students on occasion to give people going through student teaching the real scoop. (Oh, and Cubs game starts at 12:30 so I can hear the beginning on my way down.)
Speaking of Anne - I seriously have to get that girl back. She was WAAAAY too nice to me this weekend and picked up my bar tab (not that I went all out, because of my stomach feeling iffy, but still!) saying that I needed to "save up so I can move the hell out of my mom's place". We went out with K and her now-fiancee. A close friend of her fiancee came along with his wife. Boy, those two were a mess drunk. The girl was nice sober, but she was the most annoying fuck when she was drunk. She wanted to stay out and party and her husband wanted to go home. So they argued. And yelled at each other. And she generally made an ass of herself. Anne tried to keep her corralled, nevermind the fact that Anne has known this girl exactly as long as I have - which is to say a few hours! DRAMA-QUEEN. I would periodically look over at Anne and K with my eyebrows raised in a "What the FUCK is this girl's deal?" manner. Said girl also 26, with husband 35/36. Which might explain the different "I want to party" vs "go home!" mentality...
The weather continues to hold, although we may get thunderstorms soon. Every day that the sun is shining and it's over 55 degrees feels...fantaaaaastic.
I got something from Ravinia in the mail yesterday. DUDE. They have Robert Plant/Allison Kraus coming in! And Feist! Those are going to sell out...