Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dipped in Shit

I smell like shit.

And I DO mean that LITERALLY.

I ran to Home Depot and grabbed a few herbs and lettuces (surprising, that) to plant, along with a bag of organic garden soil. Oh yeah. That soil was farm fresh. The animals must have pooped into that bag this morning. YUCK!

I smell like I rolled around in my cats' litterbox. Oh god. I have to shower now.

In other Cub News, a hysterical conversation during the gameday post about the idiot girl yesterday going on about Ronnie Cedeno. We're all like "RONNIE CEDENO? Come on, pick someone better to go crazy over." I've been thinking now, to each their own. Ronnie isn't horrible looking. And lately he's been pretty damn awesome in the game. The whole idiot factor is more that this girl was just creaming her panties and totally ignoring the game. I have my favorites (hello, DeRosa) and so do most of the girls in the Cubs community.

To the credit of all the girls I wind up talking to in the Cubs community, we seem to be able to appreciate the GAME and talk knowledgeably about the it first and foremost, while also being able to appreciate a fine piece of baseball ass. Multi-tasking if you will.

Yesterday's dumbass girl failed because she appeared to just not even focus on the game unless it dealt with Ronnie.

So to all the Cubs gals on my flist - props for being SMART as well as, shall we say, being hot for baseball babes.