Friday, September 07, 2007

Another Day of Freaking Out

Woke up today wondering what to do. I should have gone to the gym. Actually, I could still do that, and I think I will as soon as I'm done here. Just have to be home by 7pm to watch DOCTOR WHO *happy screams*.
I popped in to the office for a little bit today. NOTHING going on there, which is quite strange. I made several phone calls beseeching help for my placement. A former boss of mine whose wife is/was a teacher around here. Left a voicemail. My current boss actually called me after I left the office (she wasn't there when I stopped in), and once I told her the situation I was in, she said she'd call a few people as she used to work in the offices for a school district up here.
Called my friend, Kathy, just to talk and she has clients who work in districts (albeit in McHenry). Don't care at this point! JUST WANT A SCHOOL!! She made a phone call and got back to me with someone who said to have NEIU send in my file. YAY - some headway at least! I called the placement office and left a VM saying pretty please to do that asap.
MHS called me back today and said they had my file and were trying to see if anyone would be interested. Their policy is to team up STs with TWO teachers, not just one. Another thing that ticked me off though: MHS guy was surprised that I was trying to get placed for THIS semester. You could tell. So again, NEIU is the school known in the area for dropping the ball: all the other schools have had their student teachers placed ages ago!!
God. Please let something happen and SOON.