Thursday, September 11, 2008

What day is it?

Well, unless you're a complete moron, you know what today is.
I'm not sad, I'm angry if anything.
Angry because seven years later ...
-- fear is still being used as a tactic to keep the Republicans in power. Lest anyone forget - it's while on THEIR watch this attack happened. They were warned about Al Q and Bin Laden well in advance of the attack. They chose to do nothing.
-- For all his bullshit posturing about "dead or alive" and "mission accomplished", Bush STILL HAS NOT caught Bin Laden or accomplished anything! Why? Because if you catch Bin Laden, you can't use the Boogeyman to scare sheep into submission. They might try to catch BL now to say "yay, we did it, now vote for us again"
-- How many thousands of US soldiers dead in an UNJUST war in Iraq. Hussein would never have had Al Q. Why? Because he was a totalitarian dictator! They would challenge his authority, and there's only room for one. Afghanistan was legitimate - that's where Bin Laden was. Iraq was a complete lie.
-- How many MILLIONS of Iraqi dead?
-- How much national wealth poured into Iraq while people here suffer, lose jobs, no health insurance, lose loved ones, national disasters (like Katrina) here...?
-- McCain uses a backdrop showing the attacks during his speeches. Yes. He actually did. USING THE ATTACKS FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL GAIN.
-- Blackwater and other contractors making large financial gains on the blood, sweat and tears of others
-- "Weapons of Mass Destruction" my ass.
-- Valerie Plame
-- LIES LIES LIES and MORE LIES and on and on and on
Fuck Bush. Fuck McCain.