Thursday, September 25, 2008


Welp, the Cubs won - with Bobby HOWRY no less - last night in 10. Glad SOMEBODY stepped up.
This means: the Phillies stay 1.5 games up on the Mets in the NL East, with a magic number of 3 (?). Mets have fallen into a TIE in the Wild Card with...the Brew Crew, who pitched CC Safathia on three days' rest (for the second time, and they'll probably do so AGAIN against us later this weekend).
The Dodgers have a magic number of 1 (ONE) against the Diamondbacks. Yee haw. I want those snakes ELIMINATED, bitches. This is not because I think the Dodgers would be an easier opponent - not at ALL, hello Manny! - but the thought of there being any possibility of us having to go to Chase Field sort of makes me want to HURL.
Playoff picture is still very cloudy with less than a week to go.
We get to play the team with the worst record. I'd like that to be the Mets, but meh. Right now the Mets are in a dogfight with the Brewers for the Wild Card. Fairly certain the other matchup will be Dodgers-Phillies though. That's fine with me. They can go beat up on each other.
Oh, and Minnesota pwned the Sux last night AGAIN. HA HA HA HA. God, I really hope we can get rid of all this ridiculous speculation about a "Red Line Series" (the Red Line, for you non-Chicago folks, is the eLevated train line that runs from Howard on the North side, hits Addison (i.e., across from Wrigley) and eventually goes to the 35th/Sox stop way down on the South Side before ending at the Dan Ryan). So I think the Twins are within a half game? Maybe? If they win tonight I do think they go up on the Sux. Red Line Series? Bad, Bad, BAAAAD idea. Chicago would be a war zone. Fucking Daley wants the bars in Wrigleyville to stop selling alcohol after the 7th inning stretch. What's he gonna do if the Sux make it? Have everyone check in their guns at the bar entrance? Eh?