Sunday, June 01, 2008

Have you seen my panties?

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At long last, the promised post about the slut-tastic girl in yellow from Saturday's game against the Rockies. (You should also check out the quality of the clientele making comments about this photo over at Flickr. I could rest my case about how she's attracting the wrong kind of attention on the basis of that alone.)

These three girls were all above the drinking age, I assume, because they had beers. Blondie in yellow "dress". A dress that should not be worn alone or by any female past the age of 10. Her boobs were rather hefty in the front, and you could see her yellow bra up over the top of the low neckline. The skirt was entirely see through in the light, so you got a good look at her white panties. She may as well have been wearing a peignor.

Honestly. Do you think you look sexy in this? Really? Because your ass needs to sit down and spend some quality time with Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear on TLC. "Sexy" is not about flaunting your wares. Every whore on the corner can do that. Sexy is looking chic and put together...and leaving something to the imagination. YOU, my dear, look like a cheap and tawdry whore. If I were a man, the first thing I'd assume about you is that you'd be an easy lay. Attire like that makes it look like you're trying to get a guy to slip a digit up there. You've certainly got easy enough access!

I'm surprised her dress didn't just completely blow up in the wind. Girl, EVERYONE was making fun of you in the rows behind. Trust me. You should be embarassed.