Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have my oral exam tomorrow. I don't know if I'm nervous or not. I mean, part of me wants to freak out. The other part is going "FUCK IT". I am allowed to bring in five index cards with me regarding the questions (see below). I've slapped some shit down, but I think I'm going to mainly be relying on my ability to Blarney. Full half of these questions are stupid - I HANDED IN MY PORTFOLIO FOR YOU TO READ. What do you want me to tell you about five of them for AGAIN? I'm just going to tell you the same shit I wrote down!!
One more damn hoop. I am so ready to be DONE. I have nothing planned for my morning classes tomorrow. Oops. Nothing really planned for this week. I know what I have to cover, but I have no activities planned. Again, oops. Ah well, it's a short "week" - Mon, Tues and noon dismissal (25 minute classes) on Wed. I can bullshit for that much, right. After the break is when I need to kick my ass into high gear though. That's my last major book - Fahrenheit 451. Oh dear. Just get me through these next three days...PLEASE.
I could have invited one of my other profs to the board for my oral. I was just thinking. The one I really would have invited would have been Jack Pinnix. Dude was awesome and the best teacher I could have had when I first started the program. I wish he hadn't killed himself. God damn. He was seriously the best, and I hope he realizes that now wherever he's at. He was never a faker, and had so much great insight. Peace out, Jack.
1. Describe how literacy/language arts education has changed over the last two decades with respect to theory and pedagogy.
2. Provide an overview of your cumulative portfolio. Select five of the College of Education's performance outcomes/goals and describe the ways in which you have achieved these outcomes. Include a reflection on the influence of specific program coursework in your achievement of the specific outcome.
3. Summarize the content of your major research paper. Indicate how this knowledge will impact your teaching.
4. Provide of an overview of a major curriculum unit you have prepared.