Monday, October 22, 2007

Tired, so tired

People, I can't tell you how tired I am.

I am eyes nearly rolling in my head tired. I could not fall into a restful sleep last night. Certainly didn't help my teaching today. It seemed like *everyone* was sluggish today. My afternoon C.T. and I were looking at eachother with a dumb expression on our face, clutching the desks. The kids were comatose, too. Yeesh.

I got most of my shit in order for tomorrow. Time to tuck off to bed. *yawn*

One more thing:

I AM SICK ALREADY OF CHRISTMAS! There is Christmas shit overtaking Target already. It's not even Halloween for Chrissake! It's like everyone completely fucking forgets Thanksgiving, too.

That said, I made the mistake of looking at the Harrods website (yes, that Harrods, Harrods of London). OH, I weeep! I'm not a major fan, but I do love the tins they package cookies in. I have a cookie tin up on a shelf in my room that is just cute. Has a drawing of a postman pulling letters from the big red letterbox. I was thinking of possibly buying a cute tin of something that pictures something super-Britishy for Christmas. Or a Harrods tree ornament?  Exchange rates and shipping rates, however, may bar that from happening. Did I hear this right - the Canadian dollar is worth MORE than the U.S. now? *disgusted* THANK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE BUSH. Yah, bastard wants another $46 mil for his illegal fucking war while the rest of us slave away for peanuts?! FUCK YOU!


Nicholas said...

I'm sure Mr Al-Fayed is grateful for your longing for Harrods products.

You, you heard correctly. the US$ is now worth less than the C$, for the first time since the mid-1970s. Also it's at a thirty year low against the pound stirling (2:1 right now) and an all time low against the euro. The US government's position is one of "benign neglect" In other words, they aren't going to do anything about it.

Lippy said...

Food in particular or just anything UK ish?

My cousin is the person who "hand makes" the hand made fortnum and mason truffles so you can have some of them - in a pretty English tin if not a Fortnum's one, you have to pay double for one of those!

*DB* said...

Something UKish :) I'm feeling nostalgic!