Sunday, October 14, 2007

London Calling

London (or Britain in general), it would appear, is intruding upon my thoughts again. The weather is gray and rainy. Nigella Lawson is on the food network and they showed some London streets. Dear Lord, Nigella has such unhealthy eating habits, though. (Oh, and Ina Garten's show did fish n' chips.) Bridget Jones's Diary is simultaneously on A&E. And Kilroy is hosting a carnival about cities: London, specifically.

Oh my God, I'm just having a Brit craving right now. :( I miss it! I miss you, Mum!

I'm hoping something will miraculously happen wherein I can travel within the next six months. Our profit sharing check from work comes out the first week of December. I'll probably have to use most of that to recover from the financial depredations of not having worked full-time for four months, though. Tax filing time will happen early February and hopefully I'll get something from that.

The most oddball thing is that I qualified as an entrant in this local radio station thing. It's the XLC treasure chest. Basically, the entrants all get a key. Whoever has the key that opens the treasure chest, wins it. There are some other prizes as well, like gift cards and such. But I think the chest has $5K. That, in my opinion, would be swell. I THINK I AM THE MOST DESERVING PERSON!


Nicholas said...

Kilroy? You can watch Kilroy there?

Lippy said...

Well I will happily swap you for my actual child who having just turned 11 is having a real hormonal moment - cue much slamming of doors and general huffing about the house.

After such a lousy summer we are actually having a rather lovely autumn! - I would love to be trip planning at the moment, I can't tell you how much!