Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Weather

It is positively FOUL outside. I am so fucking sick of winter and, especially, February. This February has got to be the worst February I can ever remember. It is blowing and snowing, but it's this icy hard kind of snow that pelts the windows like tiny little hail stones. It fucking sucks. You can't be out driving in this shit.

I was tempted to take the train to visit a friend to do some crocheting, but that went out the window as well, because I would have had to drive to and back from the train station, y'know?

Before all this shit hit, I managed to run some errands. Returned movies at Blockbuster (should have picked up new ones!), bought six month unlimited package of yoga (!! yeah !!), visited the grandma and then went to the grocery store.

The visit with my grandma wasn't too bad, but it was also short (I kept it that way). Small doses, very small doses. My dad hired this Polish lady, Theresa, to live at the house and be a caregiver for grandma. She seems nice. She doesn't speak very much English, and my Polish is limited to a few incidental phrases I picked up while around my best friend, Tania's, family. I should try to pick up some more. It's got to be lonely for this woman, taking care of someone in a family that doesn't know any Polish! She is trying to learn English, as well. Of course, my grandma is talking in normal voice about how "She's Polish! She doesn't understand any thing you say." I wanted to cringe.

And I wanted to say, "maybe she can tell you're a damn moron!" Egad.

I'm going back to trying to futz my way through this knitting. I picked up a big fluffy type of yarn that's easy to work with; I figured it would be good to learn knitting on. Also got a shorter pair of needles.

I finished, at last, ONE panel of the "pineapple" afghan I'm doing. It's five pineapples long in one panel x three panels. Of course, this means jack-all to most of you, but hey, there it is.

It's a good night to stay in, with yarn, soup, wine (wine, glorious wine - I toast you) , a blanket over my lap, and warm furry kitties nearby.