Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back to life, back to reality, back to the here & now

Someone send me back. Please? How I looooove Ireland and the UK.

I love tea. I love scones. I love the fact that there are about a gazillion different types of sandwiches you can buy at a Marks & Spencer's (or similar) food hall, paired with sides and beverages and you can sit in a park (St. James' would be great) and eat in the sunshine.

I love walking buy the perfume and make up area at duty free shopping - it smells of a thousand lovely ladies. Too bad you can't BUY any of it if you're traveling stateside since you can have NO liquids, gels, cosmetics NOR alcohol in your hand luggage. Mark my words, one day soon we will have to undergo body cavity searches. Watch it. I don't need to explain the details because anyone with a brain can see how THAT operates.

This was supposed to be a happy post. So on with it!

I love Harrods tins of cookies at the duty free shopping! I love postcards! I love walking London streets at night and marveling at the sights and sounds of Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus. I love walking down Bond Street and gawking at the windows of Tiffany's - jewels the size of my thumbs.

I love the green rolling hills of Ireland as they slope down to the sea. I love snarky Irish tour guides named James who make me laugh. I laugh hysterically at Australians on my tour - but watch in awe at one Aussie down an entire pint of Guinness in four seconds flat. (Seriously, it was recorded - I pray that someone finally emails out the digital of it.)

I love pints in Irish pubs. I love Irish accents - south being the best. As James' put it, they practically sing to you with every word. Irish Stew at the pub in Doolin - it's an "aurora borealis in a bowl!"

Scotland, while austere, has its own beauty. Stark heights of "bens" and cold lochs. Amazing to watch the clouds get caught in the mountains as they drift on by. Did I mention the drop dead gorgeous Aussie boy, Trent? *melts* Oh yeah. Scottish singers at the pub in Fort William - sitting with the locals enjoying the sounds and drinking down Drambuie.

Send me back. Send me back. Send me back.

I'm dying to do the Cornwall peninsula next. The same company I used for Ireland and Scotland does a four day Cornwall Explorer, but it's only offered May through October. Damnation! I was hoping to go back in March before the crowds (and the prices) go up. Rawr. Seriously, flights are at least 200 cheaper in March (I've already looked).

In other sly news: if I wheedle enough, I may wind my way into working as an onsite assistant at a product launch our company may be considering in Prague. Oh stars! That would rule. I've always wanted to go to Prague. And that would be on the company dime!


Kilroy_60 said...

This was joyous! Something we all need more of with all the doom and gloom. Thank you.

Oh, I have to go now. Time for "The Destruction, Senseless Violence and Death Hour". Y'know the NEWS.

Thanks again for this, seriously, it really helps. Keep in mind, I wouldn't take up too much space if you might tag a footlocker for checked baggage. :-)