Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am sitting in Starbucks doing work. Unfortuantely, this really smart Asian dude is trying to teach/tutor this absolute IDIOT of a dumb blonde. It must be math or physics (a basic level). I heard him talking about equations for force or rotations earlier. I had to stick in my earphones. This woman just does NOT get even the most basic of concepts.
Part of the earlier conversation was "if you have 4 rotations in 2 seconds, how many will you have in one second?" Dude, that isn't even algebra or physics. It's simple fucking division. She just sat there completely blank. DIVIDE IT IN FUCKING HALF MORON!
Plus, she sits there tapping her feet nervously non-stop.
Thank god it is practically a physical impossibility for me to bear blonde-haired children.
To add to the fun: there is this old far in a walker here. He's got a sign on his walker bashing the "do-nothing Democratic congress" and saying to start drilling for oil. FUCK YOU, GO OFF AN DIE YOU GIMPY WANKER. The congress may in fact be do-nothing, but your fucking generation has fucked up EVERYTHING in this country, electing war-mongering fuckup Republicans. OIL IS NOT THE ANSWER. FUCK OIL.