Wednesday, August 06, 2008

31 & :(

Things I should no longer attempt to do:
Hop into one of those trampoline thingies people have in their backyards, and proceed to bounce and do russian jumps for 30 minutes straight.
Because while fun at the time, finding out your knees no longer want to function that night or the next morning is NOT fun. *whimpers*
This pet-sitting is kicking my ass. I can't sleep well. And for the THIRD time (it happened the first time I sat, too), these people's alarm clock goes off at just fuck-off random hours. Last night, like 3am, I wake up to it going off. I hobbled into their bedroom and slapped at the fucking clock until it shut up. Then I fell onto their bed, wrapped in my blanket, and passed out.
Dog woke me up just about 5:30 wanting to go out. Had to hobble downstairs and take care of that. I am so surprised I didn't fall down the stairs. I would shuffle a couple steps, close my eyes/sway, open my eyes/shuffle a couple more steps, repeat process. Let the dog out, let him back in, crashed on the couch for another hour.
I feel like death warmed over.