Saturday, February 28, 2009


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I MADE CHEESE!!! Not the greatest picture, but that IS a ball of mozzarella I made with the cheesemaking kit I purchased! I was pretty worried at first: my curds were very soft. I don't think I put in as much rennet as I should have. I was able to save the cheese, though, but letting the curds sit longer, and heating it a bit more very carefully. Poured off all the whey, and started microwaving the curds until I hit the right temp (135). And then....STRETCH! It was so cool! It does pull just like taffy and then it gets shiny. Slapped it back into ball shape and PRESTO! Cheese! It's a little on the bland side (yes, I did use cheese salt), but it is definitely mozzarella. I am so excited!


nicholas said...

Congratulations! I see in you're entry for Feb 11 you talked about a cheese making book. Did you get the recipe from that?

Of course, some people regard cheese making as far too French!